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1. Copyright Statement

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2. Trademark Statement

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3. Disclaimer

(1) The Website will make efforts to provide accurate and timely information and contents.  The Website make no expressed or implied warrants for their accuracy and timeliness given the information and contents being limited to its current condition.

(2) The Website shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or loss resulting from your access to or use of The Website. We require you use your software and hardware carefully.

(3) Any expression or implied opinion of relevant articles or materials reproduced in The Website does not represent the view of BAIC Motor Corporation., Ltd. All contents are extracted and reproduced in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations as well as principles established by judicial interpretations on network copyright of the People’s Republic of China. Please notify our website administrator immediately upon your notice of any infringement of any article when reading The Website. The Website shall clear relevant information immediately within the applicable duty scope once the infringement is confirmed.

(4) Any online information or contents provided by other websites that are linked with The Website is for your reading and reference purpose only. Your differentiation and judgement of relevant contents is required and BAIC Motor Corporation., Ltd shall not take any responsibility.


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